Smart Tools

We able to provide health care related services which can help practices improve patient care while improving practice efficiency.

So how can our smart tools help?

  • Deliver high-quality patient care
  • Cost-effective commissioning
  • Help meet high impact actions from the GP Forward View
  • Help practices improve their registers
  • Identify patients requiring medical reviews
  • Reduce medicine wastage
  • Increase prevalence

Multimorbidity Register

DCS multimorbidity register will help federations, commissioners, and sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) to:

  • Implement preventative health measures.
  • Design more accurate heat maps of patients with more than one long term condition and thus allow the ability to deploy targeted health campaigns.
  • Improve clinical services according to the needs of your local population.
  • Improve patient health outcomes by better data analysis of those with more than one long term health condition.
  • Support practices with the reorganisation of clinics to suit patients with multiple health problems perior.
  • Optimise medicines management savings by focusing on patient care needs.

Demand & Capacity Modelling

Do you often feel that you offer enoughappointments, but patients still feel discontent?

Do you feel your workplace needs significant change to improve patient access?

DCS could change the way you work and provide better patient access.

  • Analyse your demand and capacity data through our suite of searches.
  • Identify options on how you may want to handle patient requests to free up face to face appointments.
  • Improve both clinical and administrative staff work / life balance.
  • Help practices improve their registers

Document Management (File Away)

Did you know that an average GP would spend nearly 5 hours per week filing documents?

Would you like to change the process in your practice to free up GP time whilst filing your documents safely?

  • DCS will provide training and support tools to minimise GP time spent on filing documents.
  • Learn how to ensure quality assurance and clinical safety are met.
  • Improve both clinical and administrative staff work / life balance.
  • Reduce time (approximately 240 hours for 1 FTE GP per year) and cost by working through a safe, effective and proven process.

Safer Prescribing

As a clinician, do you often get bombarded with script requests that really shouldn’t be in your in-tray?

Is there a better way of managing your workload by reducing time spent by clinicians doing some of the mundane checks?

An average GP can spend up to 7 hours per week sifting through scripts. Furthermore, with increasing time pressure, this could potentially lead to medication errors resulting in medical negligence claims. DCS will:

  • Provide training on how to manage prescriptionssafely in your work environment.
  • Provide a range of options to choose from based on your workforce skill mix.
  • Reduce time for clinicians to action requests queried by receptionists.
  • Provide financial savings by adopting safe and quality assured processes through our suite of bespoke searches.

Optimising Back Room Functions

Many practices do not have the time to run data quality searches to check if their systems and processes are running smoothly and efficiently. DCS will:

  • Run their suite of administrative searches on your system as part of a data cleansing exercise.
  • Provide your team with daily administrative searches that should be run daily, monthly and/or quarterly for you to maximise your performance.
  • Optimise your front and back end processes by automating as many processes as possible.

Understanding Practice Finances

  • DCS provides training and education on how to examine your practice expenditure against your practice income.
  • DCS will provide you with solutions on how to increase practice income by optimising and automating processes to ensure maximal income is gained from contract obligations such as directed and /or locally enhanced services.
  • Help meet high impact actions from the GP Forward View

Working at Scale with Federations and CCGs

There are great opportunities, through a number of Five Year Forward View schemes, to gain funding for our products and consultancy services.

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