About Us

We have a dedicated team with experience in innovating and delivering services to improve efficiency in general practice whilst improving patient care and reducing costs.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jay Verma

Cheif Executive Officer

Dr Jay Verma has been a partner at Shakespeare Health Centre (SHC) since 2014 and was instrumental in turning around the once poor performing practice to a successful one that delivers high quality care. SHC won the General Practice Awards in 2017 for the best Clinical Team of the Year in Diabetes.

He has also led the local federation for over 3 years, Clover Health, a network of 15 practices looking after 90,000 patients. They deployed extremely challenging pilot projects in a short tight frame such as the Extended Access Hub and the Community Paediatric Clinic. The latter also won the best Clinical Team of the Year in Paediatrics in 2017.

A staunch supporter of primary care and recognising the need to work collaboratively, Dr Verma has delivered many talks on shared working and optimising workflow safely on the national platform. He also provides consultancy services to federations and practices.

Dr. Sukin Natarajan

Chief Financial Officer

A partner at Heathrow Medical Centre, Sukin has extensive experience in helping Hillingdon CCG with the roll out of IT programmes for local practices. He was instrumental in helping their local federation, Clover Health (CH) navigate its way through IT and clinical governance issues. His input was invaluable and helped CH win the General Practice Awards in 2017 for the Clinical Team of the Year for Paediatrics.

Sukin has over 20 years of experience in finance management within the NHS. After gaining a PhD from Brunel University in medical engineering, Sukin was also a lecturer in Biomedical Sciences in the Masters programme at Brunel. His IT knowledge has been instrumental in connecting all of the local practices together.

Mrs. Lisa Levy

Business Manager

Lisa has worked within the NHS for the last 22 years in varied roles. Cutting her tooth in General Practice and then moving on to work for Hillingdon’s “head office” of Primary Care. Lisa has seen many a change within Primary Care and the NHS over the years. In 2017, Lisa made the decision to “come home” by moving back to General Practice and took up the position of Business Manager for Data Care Solutions Limited.

Dr. Tariq Fazal

Chief Technical Officer

Tariq’s strong IT knowledge and use of the different primary care clinical systems has been instrumental in developing bespoke search tools that can transform population based healthcare. Tariq works in emergency medicine and has an interest in improving patient care by using medical informatics. He also has an IT background which helps in developing systems to improve clinician workload whilst ensuring there is no compromise in clinical standards.